Alex Merced - Candiate for Vice Chair of the LNC


Hello, my name is Alex Merced and I am running to be the next Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party. I am running to be a pro-active advocate for positive principled messaging, voter outreach, growing party membership, candidate training and helping give membership a greater voice in the LNC by providing a listening ear to independent caucus groups. I know that these steps will empower the LP to elect even more Libertarians, reduce the size and scope of Government and free communities to innovate and thrive to survive in today’s ever changing world.  

I am a 3 time Libertarian Party Candidate, former officer in the Manhattan and Brooklyn Libertarian Party, I have provided graphic design, social media and marketing assistance to party chapters and candidates. I have created Libertarian Media through videos and podcasts, and I am currently serving as the Policy Director of the Larry Sharpe for Governor of New York Campaign.  

The Libertarian message is one that has changed my life and has empowered me to take the reigns of my life to produce value for myself and others. The principles of liberty are ones that I am dedicated to share to everyone, especially those struggling to find their way forward who may not see that the answer has been inside them all along.  

My Goals as Vice Chair Would Be:  

- Create a “Caucus Congress”, an informal monthy conference call for caucus groups to discuss LNC proposals and party business to create feedback for LNC representatives to use in their deliberations. This also hopes to create closer bond between the diverse groups within the party.  

- To help increase the # of elected office holders by 200 by the end of 2020  

- Develop a "Libertarian Party Ambassador" Program to train people to advocate, organize, and conduct outreach in their local areas.

- Make myself available for consultation for candidates across the country, helping them build their teams and connect them with other party members who can volunteer the skills they need for effective campaigns.  

- Be a friendly positive, principled and inclusive representative for the party to Media and other non-libertarian audiences to improve outreach.  

How to be Involved:  

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