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Alex Merced is a growing voice in today's Libertarian and Individualist movements. Alex Merced aims to promote a positive message to create a world of simple boundaries, abundant reciprocity and endless possibility. Learn from his videos, podcasts and live appearances the ideas of a world build on consent, respect and community.


Alex Merced is involved in many activities and projects, some are listed below.

The Libertarian Party

Alex Merced is involved in the Libertarian Party helping advance Libertarian ideas in hearts, minds and policy. 

Financial Training

Alex Merced has spent over a decade training people in the Financial Industry with Greico Financial Training.  

Branding & Marketing

In all of Alex Merced's projects he is heavily involved in the branding and marketing, constantly finding new ways to reach the right audience.

Video Production

Alex Merced has published over 2000 videos across the internet educating on finance, economics and libertarianism.


Alex Merced has been the host of several podcasts over the years and still is weekly taking the time to share his perspective with the world.


Alex Merced plays guitar, sings and produces electronic music. His music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Purevolume and on youtube.


Aside from the occasional blog article Alex Merced has also written and published works detailing his perspective and optimism of a world set free.

Serial Entrepreneur

Alex Merced has had his hand in starting and supporting many small businesses including concert promoting and hobby retail.



Give respect to those around you by listening to them, tolerating their shortcomings, encouraging their success. Treat others as you'd want to be treated. 


By making the effort to show respect you may earn reciprocity and not only earn the respect of others but inspire them to show respect to others. This positive feedback loop based on your voluntary positivity pays dividends to the autonomy of all.


In a world of abundant positive reciprocity the fear we have of each other diminishes, resulting in the desire to control fading away. In this world we can be free to pursue our motivations and dreams to their maximum potential. 


I’m Alex Merced.

I'm passionate about human possibility. I'm passionate about the amazing things people can do when they push themselves and are free to do so. I push myself everyday in learning more about economics, finance, online media and marketing. I use that knowledge to empower people everyday through education and activism. Please consider become a supporter of that journey.